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Welcome to Your Flower Story London

A reputation for excellence floral design and a stunning North London shop, that firmly established us the first florist in the region. Explore our shop and our 5 star service. 

With love and passion for the fresh flower we become the first choices for our customers.
Creating unique floral designs from the smallest to the biggest floral installation we offer always a 5 star service and we guarantee that our flower are always fresh and ready to surprise you in the best way.

Trade by the best floral designer over the world and working with few of the best venue in London like The Mayfair Hotel , The Lanesborough , The Ritz London , The Baglioni Hotel London , Warren House and more.
Your Flower Story London was classified one of the luxurious florist in London. 

Are you a bride and a groom who are exited for your special day? Are you dreaming of the venue surrounded with the beauty and decorated with blooming flowers, breathtaking and chic? 

Event Photography by Andreea Tufescu - Party at the Mayfair Hotel


I am Andreea ….Your flower story fairy …I am the director of Your Flower Story.

I can assure you that I can turn your wedding day into a story that will embrace your love story of commitment for years and years to come.

But first let me tell you my story of YOUR FLOWER STORY….

I am privileged to be raised and educated in Italy the country of beauty, class, romance and love. Italy has been the foundation of my artistic talent and inspiration. I grew up with my mother and grandad who were both great story teller. As a child I loved to be told stories. Yet, the most that has influenced me was “They came together as a bouquet”. The essence of the story was none of the flowers stands as a beauty alone unless they are collected together to make a colourful bouquet. I used to spend hours in my grandad’s garden picking flowers and create bouquets for my mum when she comes back from work. I used to label them for the week one for love the second for appreciation and so on and that’s how my holidays used to be spent which inspired my love to nature, colour and science.

When I reached the age of thirteen my aunt wanted to get married, and I did a crown made of Jasmines from the garden. While I was threading the flowers my grandad told me another story … he told me about the weddings in ancient Rome. He told me that flowers, herbs and spices have been used in weddings since that time. He also told me unlike today flowers, herbs and garlic were used to decorate a venue so the scent will remove the evil eye. He also told me that both the bride and the groom wore a garland made out of strong smelling herbs and spices around their neck. The garland was a symbol of love and happiness.

All those empowering stories were the backbone for the birth of YOUR FLOWER STORY.

I always dreamt of travelling, and once I reached the age of 18, I embarked on travelling Europe, and in 2016 I settled in the United Kingdom and started my dream and qualified as a florist. I enrolled in Covent Garden Academy and established alongside my business in North London. Over the last two years I have imprinted my style and creativity in every angle in the business.

Not only I graduated from the best School of floristry, I was then very lucky to be accepted to be trained by Caren Tran the Queen of Floristry in London. The Outstanding Experience has motivated me into working at the high end of the industry and I started engaging in floristry in luxury weddings and my latest achievement was in the Dorchester Hotel in Mayfair.

My love for floristry is engraved deep in my skin from childhood. This has led me to engage in international weddings in Italy, Romania and Vienna.

Please join me and my team at “Your Flower Story” to start your wedding story.

Lots of Love and Admiration

Andreea Coma

Start your story with Your Flower Story.

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